Haunt Me released August 21, 2013 from Ellora's Cave, as part of their Shivers erotic horror line.

Minerva Silence, TV psychic and fraud extraordinaire, can read them all. She’s not even aware that her gift is real until she’s confronted by the spirit of her late husband, and by the man who murdered him. 

Bram would do anything to protect the woman he loves, even from beyond the grave. But he needs her passion, her body’s response to him, if he’s to manifest and help her defeat the men who mean to kill her.

"A truly wonderful fantasy from start to finish, just sorry it came to an end." - Victoria from Erzabet's Enchantments (5 stars)
"If you are in the mood for something light-hearted with a little bit of meat, pick this up now." - Jacqui from Sensual Reads (4 stars)
"Great Read! This book makes you want to rub wine bottles just to see what happens." - Melissa from BDSM Book Reviews (4 paddles)
God of Ecstasy released July 11, 2012 from Ellora's Cave, in the Twilight line as part of the theme series Pricked.

Jaime Leighton has had some pretty unremarkable sex in her life. So when she rubs a bottle of wine and a hot, half-naked tattooed man appears in her bathtub offering her three fantasies, he’s pretty hard to resist. 

Dionysus claims to be the Greek god of ecstasy, wine and madness, and oh, did he mention he can breathe underwater? Thus begins the best three nights of Jaime’s life.

They also turn out to be the most dangerous nights of Jaime’s life when the evil djinn who cursed her new sex partner attacks. Now Jaime must come to terms with her growing feelings for the god and break the magic spell inked into his arms before the djinn snatches away both her love and her life.

"Lena Loneson joins the other authors of the Oh Canada series with a murder mystery filled with adventure and lots of hot sex...The author beautifully paints a picture of the growing love between the park ranger and the Mountie, weaving in the horror of their quest." - Candy from Sensual Reads (4.5 stars)
"I loved the chemistry between Cam and Noire." - Isis from Sizzling Hot Books (4 hearts)
My first e-book, Alpha Mountie, was released by Ellora's Cave on March 2, 2012. Alpha Mountie is a paranormal erotic romance, part of the theme series Oh, Canada!

When her sister’s body washes up on the shore in Toronto, Noire Pelletier is devastated. She’ll do whatever it takes to find her sister’s killer. Not even the gorgeous Mountie assigned to the case will distract her—for long.

Constable Cam Dawson comes to the city seeking a serial killer, but finds a lot more—a beguiling park ranger who tastes like the wild that runs through his blood. Has he finally met the woman strong enough to embrace his lupine side?

The hunt for a killer leads Noire and Cam on a dangerous and passion-fueled journey deep into the wilderness, where they discover an evil much greater than a simple man. To make it out alive, Noire will have to trust in something stronger than vengeance—love.